My wife and I were traveling. We went to Nicaragua and Mexico where we attended a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding that started in the morning with a ceremony in a church, another ceremony at the beach and a party deep into the night. The bride tossed the bouquet and the groom the garter, but not for us.

It was not just a travel like any other. It was our honeymoon. Let’s check our honeymoon checklist:

  • watch the sunrise with your loved one
  • enjoy the sunset with your sweetheart
  • make sure your sweetheart and your loved one is the same person

Yes, it was a very good honeymoon.


Our honeymoon was not just staring in the sun, thus in Mexico and Nicaragua we had a lot of sun. It had so many different activities in it. We had relaxed days at the beach but also strenuous hikes up and down mountains. We celebrated a friends birthday. I enjoyed a temazcal ceremony. A traditional native american cleaning ceremony with a sweat lodge.

Our trip to Yucatán was remarkable. In Yucatán, we swam in cenotes, caves filled with water. There were some cliffs to jump into water. After my wife bravely jumped into water I almost chickened out but than did follow her. Of course, we also went to the ancient Mayan city Chichen Itza. It was disappointing that I was not allowed to climb any pyramids. The only thing I climbed was a cylinder.

You can read the disappointment in my face

We started our travel in Mexico with a wedding that we have been invited to for a long time. In the middle we celebrated a birthday party that we organized ad hoc. Naturally, we ended our journey in Mexico with a gender reveal party that Ana Sofia and I crashed.

PS: Malte wants me to also mention that I saw lava. It was cool - of course that’s figuratively not literally.