It’s been a year now since my wife and I became vegans. No one saw it coming. I didn’t see it coming that I will remain vegan for a whole year.

There are many very good reasons to be vegan like environment, health, and ethical reasons. One reason I didn’t become vegan earlier was because of old habits. I was used to some dishes and I had to find replacements. I could find replacement and althought the replacement does not always taste like the original it is enough to satisfy my habits. For example, I liked to have scrambled eggs for breakfast. I have replaced it with scrambled tofu. In the process of finding replacements, we discovered a lot of helpful videos online that showed us for example how to make milk and cheese replacement, rice paper chips, or make tofu like chicken.

Before I was vegan, I knew that factory farming is wrong but I was telling myself that it’s something that can’t be changed. Now, I have the proof that it is possible and that I was lieing to myself. Some people say they don’t want to become vegan. They try to avoid factory farming and only eat meat from animals that had a happy life. For me trying to avoid factory farming didn’t work because I often ended up with factory meat. I needed to go cold turkey to get away from factory farming. Meanwhile, the corona pandemic that had its origin in a meat market and that showed once more the blatant wrong conditions in slaughterhouses, has extinguished my desire for meat.

One thing some people ask when they hear I become vegan is: “What about vitamin B12? Do you take supplements?” Yes, I do. In my imagination each time someone becomes vegan and is asked about B12, someone who decided not to be vegan anymore in a culture where veganism is common is asked: “How about fibre? Are you going to suplement? Are you not afraid your poop becomes hard and going number 2 feels more like going number 20?